Women DON'T control their sex drive better than men.

Continuation from: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mFjpvza0dFgr/


I don’t mean activity, but control. Meaning, nature bestowed upon women a better ability to CONTROL their sexual desires. Sometimes we see respectable and smart, calm and collected men lose their minds over 20-year-old blonde. They are on their knees running after her. They get into scandals, troubles and profoundly damage their reputation.

Likely their wife’s WOMB has become inactive because it’s fulfilled. Fundamentally she does not “invite” her man anymore, which means rejection. You are not needed anymore. You have no value. Suddenly a young blonde with an active womb appears. Everything is working there. Also, she signals that at EVERY level. This way man gets “called-in” to another cycle. He thinks that he is “in love.” He is sure of himself that he has “won her heart.” That he is unbelievably “successful and valuable.” But that is only partially true.

Doesn’t it seem strange that not only fools but also very smart men are so easy to manipulate?

Yes. That is the power of the Goddess. Huge force. I have an abstract experiment. A man exits the bus and sees a beautiful, young woman in short dress, standing on upper step of the stairs looking around, feeling hesitant. It seems that she wants, but does not exit the bus. The test question is: “Can you just ignore that?” Are you so brave, you ignore a girl, who demonstrates with all of her being her weakness and wish for a helpful hand? Fundamentally that’s a question of power. Woman asks herself: “Are you obeying me? Are you submitting to my power? If you don’t, I’ll exit the bus by myself.” She exits and concludes: “There are no REAL men here after all.” This insight is so painful and castrating, that it would have been better just give her your hand. The man most of the time decides to avoid this risk. That is the power of the GODDESS.

There is another point. All humans, who are born in this world, get to know women as big and mighty. We are born as small children and see our mothers as huge and impressive. Everything that happens with the mother is existential to a child. To contrast, a man comes into a child’s life, when it has visibly grown up. Often he comes in not as a father, but as a brother. He doesn’t seem so big and mighty as a mother. He is only slightly bigger, which means men are “smaller” than women. This childish logic stays with us for the rest of our lives. That’s why bigger, mightier, more powerful and influential is always the mother. 

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