Alcoholism SOLVED with EASY trick! Hint: It is the WOMANS fault!

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Maybe it is time to rethink the idea of weak and strong gender? Women are more emotionally resilient than men and live longer. They don’t break as easily as men. They cry a little and keep going.

It’s true. Previously mentioned alcoholism is a typically masculine way to deal with problems. Men don’t have a monopoly on this anymore, because women choosing masculine paths are getting these problems too. But at its core alcoholism is masculine problem, because it is typical for a man to trust nobody. He doesn’t share his problems with anyone. He tries to self-medicate instead. Alcohol is very good for this purpose. Therapeutic solutions try to offer alternatives to self-medication.

For example, women talk, cry, scream, chat and communicate with each other to solve their psychological problems. This is exactly the way Alcoholics Anonymous works. Man is brought into women’s territory, where they TALK about their problems. Man learns something feminine, which helps him to survive. Alcoholics Anonymous is feminine method to deal with men’s problems.

The next post will be about, whether women control their sex drive better than men, frens!

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